"Soy Sauce Fight" is an episode of Dancing Sushi.


The episode begins with the sushi gang playing cards. When someone sniffs some wasabi, it goes into their nose. This causes them to sneeze and launch the wasabi at Meep, making him get knocked out of the card game. This causes the rest of the group to laugh at her, which she annoys her. This leads to her throwing wasabi at the rest of them, and in her glee she falls into a bowl of soy sauce. This makes the rest of them laugh at her some more, which annoys her to the point of launching soy sauce at Larry from a soy sauce packet. This leads to Larry retaliating, but misses Meep because she runs behind bowls for shelter. Meep takes another shot, but misses Larry and hits Salmon. This makes them laugh and so, Meep also shoots Roro, which leads to more laughter. Roro then grabs a packet of soy sauce and tries to shoot it at them. His packet fails to fire though until he looks into the opening. He is covered with soy sauce and the rest of the group starts to dance around him.