Ori and Yori

Ori and Yori are a duo of rock star girls that only appeared in "Battle of the Bands." Ori is the white girl with pink hair in buns and Yori is black with blue short hair.

In this episode, they work to expose LilyMu for stealing music from a cellphone when they aspire to be rock stars.


The Ori and Yori rock duo is shown to be highly popular throughout Japan.

Being savvy about music, they are able to see through the LilyMu Band plan of pretending to play and vow to expose them.

They capture Yoshi and force him to confess their falsehood in public, but Mikey still vehemently denies it. In return, he challenges them to a rock duel, a decision he immediately regrets since they will not be able to cheat as Ori and Yori will prevent the entrance of cellphones. However, Yoshi manages to sneak one in their dressing room and they defeat Ori and Yori in the duel.

Upon seeing how disappointed Mitsuki is, Mikey feels bad and confesses that they have been faking all along. After the LilyMu team has been exposed to shame and is risking being cancelled, Ori and Yori stand up for them and confess that they actually are big fans of their show.


  • They bear a resemblance to the animated versions of Ami and Yumi from Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi.


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