"Light Bulb" is an episode of Dancing Sushi.


Light Bulb 5

The gang playing a song

The episode begins with the sushi gang playing various instruments and having a good time. Things suddenly go dark and several crashing noises occur. Salmon turns on a flashlight to light up the room, which is when Roro points out that their light bulb has gone out.

They start to climb up the lamp, with Salmon carrying a light bulb at the bottom. Salmon loses his grip and begins to fall. Roro manages to grab Salmon just in time and carries him while they're being carried up the lamp. Larry then throws the dead bulb off the lamp, and they place in the new light bulb. Salmon then screws in the light bulb by spinning on top of it. They begin to dance on the lamp, but it falls over. The new light bulb then breaks, leaving them in the dark again.