How High is an episode of Dancing Sushi.

Synopsis Edit

How High 1

Larry jumping on gelatin

The episode begins with Larry jumping on some gelatin. This confuses the rest of the Sushi Gang. Larry jumps off the gelatin and hugs the rest of the gang. They all get on the gelatin, but everyone except for Larry is having problems with balance.

Roro starts jumping and gets the hang of it, which motivates Salmon and Meep. With the three of them jumping, it makes Larry jump up very high. Confused Roro, Meep, and Salmon start to look around for him. They soon hear him screaming from the ceiling where he is holding onto a fan blade. Larry starts to lose his grip and the rest of the sushi gang starts to run around in circles screaming.

Salmon runs into the gelatin and gets tossed back. This makes him realize how bouncy the stuff is and gives him an idea. They then take the gelatin, and start running around to try to get under Larry, who is freaking out.

How High 14

Celebrating saving Larry

Larry falls, which makes him and the others scream in terror. He lands in the gelatin, and sends it flying everywhere. They then shake it off and start dancing.

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