"Cookie Jar" is an episode of Dancing Sushi.


Cookie Jar 1

Dancing without Salmon

The episode begins with the sushi crew dancing. However, Salmon is missing. They look up and see him on a shelf above them with hugging a cookie jar. This makes Larry, Meep, and Roro excited because they would like a cookie from the jar. Salmon simply sticks his tongue at them and tries to get into the jar, which gets them angry.

Larry, Meep, and Roro try to get to the cookie jar. They build a sushi ladder, but are not tall enough to be able to reach high enough. Roro tries to build a catapult with a spoon. Meep hops into the catapult and is launched, but she hits the wall.

Larry tries to lasso the cookie jar down. He successfully lassos the jar and Salmon and they pull it down. They begin to celebrate as the cookies fall around them, but they are trapped by the falling cookie jar landing on top of them. Salmon then eats a cookie and enjoys himself.