"Birthday Cake" is an episode of Dancing Sushi.


Birthday Cake 1

The episode begins with Salmon being delivered a birthday cake from Larry and Roro. The cake is big enough to destroy the table that it was placed on. Salmon climbs on top of the cake and tries to blow the candle out. However, he is unable to do so and starts kicking the candle. This makes him fall off the cake.

Larry gets an idea to help Salmon put out the candle: They take a water bottle and prop it up on an overturned cup and then jump on it making the water fly towards the candle. However, none of the water hits the flame. After that fails, Larry and Meep bring over a fan. Roro is scared of the fan and urges Larry not to turn it on. However, Larry ignores Roro and turns it on anyway. When the fan turns on, Larry and Meep are happily watching the fan blow on the candle. Soon, Roro is seen being blown away by the fan and Meep and Larry soon follow. They fly over the cake and the cake is then blown away as well. They all crash into a wall and dig their way out of the cake.

Salmon digs his way out of the cake with a candle on his head. He then tastes some of the icing on his head and likes it.