"Anime Music Video" is an episode of Dancing Sushi.


Anime Music Video1

Larry dancing in at the beginning of music video

The episodes begins with Larry dancing in front of a camera, then it switches to Meep and Roro. Roro then does a head spin, which causes him to crash into Meep and Larry, making them fall over. This annoys Salmon, who is directing the movie. In the next take, Roro, Meep, and Larry are wearing hats and holding canes, looking confused on what they're doing. This leads Salmon to jump back into the shot and take Meep's hat and can and demonstrate how to do the dance. They then do the dance and switch to close up shots on each one. However, when it gets to Larry, he is doing the dance wrong. Salmon then jumps back in, and yells at Larry. When he finishes yelling at Larry, he takes his cane and breaks it in half. This leads them to a different theme, where they are walking down an incline. Roro trips and rolls down the incline, making the rest of them mess up as well. Once again, Salmon jumps into the shot and yells at them. However, this time they attack Salmon. Then Roro knocks out the camera. When the camera returns, they can be seen dancing around a now-tied up Salmon.